Yi-Xin Craft Incense

"Gifts of the Magi" Frankincense & Myrrh


Blend of our custom made Boswellia sacra Hojari grade ingredient with Commiphora myrrha on a base of Mysore and Hawai'i sandalwoods.. you also may notice a warm hinting of a golden hued aroma we made from bee ingredients, but it is more subtle and is mostly a folded-in element.

2 grams per tube

Approximately 30 minute burn time - longer than most our others.

Biblical interpretation evokes gold as virtue, frankincense as prayer, and myrrh as suffering and the death process. There is a beautiful and easily readable exegesis on myrrh worth reading at the Perfume Chronicles.

Although we haven't added literal gold somehow into this blend, we entreat you to employ the symbolic gold of your nature, your own Good-will, as the last ingredient, and a special gift that can extend to all in the New Years.

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