Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Mt. Shasta Incense Collectible


At the end of the road, with a bear crossing sign in front of us, we ventured under the majestic peaks of Mt. Shasta.  

A few years ago, our aromatic artist Ken caught the trail of multiple scents in the forest and created a one of a kind incense blend that was launched before we launched this project.  

During the move to Hawai'i a little bag of the ingredients was found and saved to be re-released now as a very unique kind of collectible.  

Western Red Cedar, Shasta sage brush, cedar needle, mugworts and sweet grasses, unknown herbaceous ness that doesn't overpower but evokes the presence of this beautiful mountain forest.   Like the initial scent of coming up on a richly aromatic campfire, cooling the thinking mind and warming the heart, receiving the nourishment of nature.

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