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Synonyms for Nirvana


Scents of the East: Blended Series

2 Grams per tube: approx 20 min burning time - new batch has local Hawaiian turmeric and cloves.

A few years ago KZ released an incense called "Pure Land in 8 Directions" that I and my dorm mates at the time, greatly appreciated.
The recipe called for equal parts clove, sandalwood, agarwood, turmeric, and Borneo camphor. It is normally quite crazy strong to put so much clove and camphor into incense.  However, with KZ techniques those ratios can be managed in balance - to very interesting effect.
The underlying purpose of this incense is the transmutation of the five poisons.  Greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance and envy are considered toxins or poisons that are to be understood and transformed through various practices.  Sometimes the list replaces envy with doubt.
This incense could also be called 五佛香 or Incense of 5 Buddhas.  The traditional associations are also related to the "Five Buddha Families" from the Surangama mantra and other Sutra texts.
Center is element of space and Buddha Vairocana & agarwood which transforms delusion. North is the element of wind & Buddha Amoghasiddhi - ingredient is turmeric and transforms envy. West is the element fire, Buddha Amitabha -sandalwood transforms greed. South is earth, Buddha Ratnasambhava - borneol camphor transforms pride. East is the element water and Buddha Akshobhya - clove transforms hatred.
We chose the name "Synonyms for Nirvana" because am inspired by the Pali texts fleshing out the layers of meaning of this often uni-dimensionally or superficially expressed term.  Some synonyms the Buddha uses for Nirvana are the further (shore), the subtle, very hard to see, without decay, firm, not liable to dissolution, incomparable, peaceful, deathless, excellent, auspicious, rest, marvelous, without affliction, dispassion, purity, freedom, without attachment, the island, shelter, protection, refuge, final end, the subduing of pride (or ‘intoxication’), elimination of thirst, cutting off of the round (of rebirth), empty, very hard to obtain.
We really appreciate these teachings and historical roots of incense tradition that bring humanity into more imagination and intention.  Maybe practically, we could live less encumbered.

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