Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Dragon Clouds  龍雲


Scents of the East: Blended Series

Dragon Clouds: A Tibetan themed incense that is an articulation of a base blend offered to us by a friend from whom it was made for by a Tibetan monk that holds the 600 year old recipe.  Using Ambon agarwood to enrich the base and heart, dragon tree (Juniperus chinensis), white cedar (Thuja sutchuenensis), a bit of Mysore sandalwood, a bit of our specially processed Hojari frankincense, and ambergris to float the clouds and charm the layers of Dragon-ness.

In the context of incense as puja/offering - this would most often ignited in tandem with recitation and contemplative techniques that stack the effects on inner/outer space.

Dragons or Nagas in East Asian Buddhism are a description of a category of unseen beings that protect the Buddha's teachings and those who practice it well.  There is a very old (Angkor period 12th century) and famous image of the Buddha being sheltered by Nagas - pictured here.  

The Dragon-Cloud motif is pictured here below.  The clouds are simultaneously also reishi mushrooms and offer a multilayered invitation to soar.

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