Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Heart of Lavender


Budh: "Faces in Bloom" Floral Series

2 grams approx 20 min burn time per stick

- below is the writeup from 2021

After many requests and an authentic curiosity for lavender, we present to you "Heart of Lavender".  Our custom blend of Himalayan cedar, premium Mysore sandalwood, and lavender (Lavandula stoechas + Lavandula angustifolia).

Firstly, the base ingredient is a specially processed Stanford Cedar material that integrated lavender in a very unique way - a happy and successful experiment we now have completed twice.

Blending lavender flowers into incense basically makes the scent quite herbaceous and sharp.  So it took a lot of tweaking and some special techniques to get correct.

That being said, the joy for us is that this incense sings sweetly and "lavenliciously" - now a word - softly and soothingly - with some exploratory hidden quality of the unique blend of Mysore sandalwood and our signature Stanford Cedar ingredient.

The sticks themselves before lighting also have a healthy scent of the purple flowers - with some slight top notes that invite you into the gift that is a "Heart of lavender".

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