Craft Incense

Hawaiian Semi-Wild White Tea


10 Gram sample bags - intact two leaves and a bud, hand plucked in late Spring 2022

This is another lovely taste of an experiment gone well from Taka's tea making studio at Mauna Kea Tea Farm out here on Hawai'i island.  It takes a good year of curing for this kind of tea to be ready to start brewing, but you can also wait longer, 

Another name for this tea could easily be "Shades of Grey" as at first the tea tastes a bit like a black tea, but is processed as white.  So we have this playful, deceptive and tasty tea from a farm that is truly pristine, and unique in the whole world.

You can either brew all 10 grams at once for a more dense and dynamic brew, or you can split it into two sessions, or maybe sun tea if you like.  Either way it is such a joy to be able to offer you all some teas from this precious artisan farm.  Their commitment to natural farming practices leads the way forward in an industry of designer teas made from fertilizers and sprays, or from farms in the major pollution streams of China/Asia. 

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