Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Western Red Cedar


2 Grams per tube: Approx 25 min burn time per stick

Scents of the West: Forest Bathing Series

Thuja plicata heart wood and fresh needle from the Pacific Northwest of USA.

A refreshing and soaring western red cedar scent for all you lovers of the forest sanctuaries out there.  This batch has a small percentage of red cedar needle to give this version a slight vigorous boost and effect in aroma and potency.  Beautiful and full, "forest bathing" immersion.

A review from our long time doctor and friend in Daoist medicine - "Comes out of Heaven, brings the mist; a heaviness or denseness of energetic something, which enters and is healing. Silence, presence. Mostly the denseness of energy; as if it is heavy with moisture. Almost takes me to sleep, to take my soul away into a fairyland, and will change or creative the narrative in my mind that I need to manifest my intention / request to the Heavens. Going from Heaven, one can enter into a mythical world and transform its elements; like taking the creative sphere into that world and enabling the transformational aspects. OK; psychological, it can take one into the mythic areas of the psyche: of demons and darkness and the play of good & evil; searches out my deepest fears within the subconscious, enables me to briefly note it, but then (as I do not hold) transforms, eradicates, dispels …. and then quickly, just more simple presence. Clarity or just state of mind of that which is their as origin."

Grateful to have a seasoned practitioner's experience - to offer a lens to see how this incense might be used. 

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