Yi-Xin Craft Incense

"Deadwood" Agarwood


Scents of the East: Pure Series

Papua New Guinea agarwood

This particular wood is now gone - and we never know when we might be able to get another.  Enjoy this last launch of a material we really loved.

2 Grams per tube

Approx 20 min burn time

From a previous month's launch -

This batch is called "Deadwood". Both because it is an example of agarwood from the forest floor, and also as an homage to a deeper principle latent in our incense making process.

Up here in NorCal we are preparing for fire season. That means clearing the "deadwood" and other detritus from the areas around our houses and our land. Fire breaks can stop fires, or allows fires to pass through as they would naturally, without climbing up into the upper canopy. Fire is an important part of the ecosystem. And if we manage the land properly, then the fires won't do as much damage and can be mitigated more effectively.

Deadwood as a principle refers to that which is within our personality, character, body (or wherever) that needs to be let go of or removed. In the Buddhist sense there is the "abandoning of whatever is unskillful". There are habits, behaviors, attitudes or other aspects to ourselves that we want to change, that we want to be done with, that need to be let go of. The point is we know for ourselves what those are, and we can make a "burn pile" for our insufficiencies - so we can be the person we know we want to be.

"The process of recapitulating yourself continually is a phoenix-like process. You are shedding all those elements of yourself that are no longer worthy of the pursuits you're valuing. As you do this, you are shaping yourself ever more precisely into something that can withstand the tragedy of life and can act as a beacon to the world ."

This quote articulates what draws us to & inspires the incense making.  The clearing and burning off of "deadwood" is revelatory and evolutionary.

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