Yi-Xin Craft Incense



Himalayan Scents: Offering Series

During my trip to Taiwan I was fortunate to find some really excellent materials here and there.  One was a special little container of blended incense powder from the Himalayas.  I recognized the character and qualities of these and proceeded to make this unique incense.  There are quite a few ingredients, specially processed and blended, such as camphor, our "Stanford" Himalayan cedar, and aloeswood.

Garuda is a category of great winged Dharma protector in East Asian Buddhism and Hinduism and so an incense like this has an "offering" like resonance.  

This unique blend has a lot of projection & dimensionality in larger spaces, with its spicy woody herbaceous, sweet undertones.  Really a unique aromatic experience. 

2 grams per tube: approx 20 min burn time per stick (March 2024 batch)

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