Craft Incense

Cheng Hua Censer 大明成化年款 黃地青花龍紋三足爐


Glaze type: "Golden Earth, Azure Flower" glaze

Dynasty: Chenghua reign (1465-1487), Ming dynasty

Height: 13cm

Diameter of rim: 8cm

Weight: 275 grams

Chenghua porcelain were famous for its impeccable quality thanks to development since Yuan dysnasty. This censer demonstrated a unique combination of yellow and blue which was not commonly seen at its time. After hundres of years being made, the surface glaze withered with time, but however delivers an aesthetics only time could bring. 

This exquisite piece came from a private collector, into my hands and now on to some lucky person out there.  The color, the feel, the way it sets and holds a space, carries an imperial quality. A treasure to cherish and witness the time float with the incense vapors.  

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