Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Hawaiian Sandalwood Gardenia


Scents of Hawaii: Blended Series 2 grams approx 20 min burn time.

This incense is a happy result of many experiments and the blooming of a gardenia tree - not the normal white flower Gardenia (we are waiting to get a source of enough to make a batch) this is an orange and yellowish gardenia.

This is not a strongly floral incense as this is a custom infusion technique as opposed to the common dipping in oils used to make cheap floral incenses.

The gardenia scent is still obvious on the stick itself before burning - the Hawai'i sandalwood is the dominant scent - with puffs of gardenia in space.  So if you're looking for a strong gardenia scent this might not be it.  The heartwood of this sandalwood was hand carved and processed so is simply unique and lovely on its own as well.

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