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Lunar New Year: "Dragon Ichor" 8ml/2ml (Sold Out)


Lunar New Year: "Dragon Ichor" 8ml/2ml sprays

The old meaning of "ichorous" in Greek mythology is "fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods" and so instead of calling this an extrait de perfum - as it is a dense natural fragrance (20+%), I have decided to keep its resonance closer in kin to god blood.   All of the ingredients are as sustainable and pure as possible, all premium selected.

Papyrifera frankincense, Chinese White Cedar & Mysore sandalwood oils make up the base of this fragrance, emerging from the depths is an exquisite array of oils of magnolia leaf, orange jasmine, gardenia & osmanthus.  The shining edges off the top are yuzu and Buddha's hand citrus.  An auspicious spring of the new dragon year awaits!

Being a pure, natural perfumery fragrance, it will last around 3 hours plus, depending on the climate, on your skin.  A few times it lasted 5+ hours with the cedar and sandalwood sweetly lingering a long while.

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