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Hawaiian Semi-Wild Artisan Green Tea


Update - suggestion from Taka the tea maker, if you should choose, you can save the tea longer and taste in 6 months or year or so - he thinks it will coalesce excellently with more rest.

If you've been following me the past however long on IG then you'll know that since 2010 I've been learning from and sharing the value of Mauna Kea Tea farm here on Hawai'i island.

This is a very interesting batch they shared with me that I can offer for those of you interested.  this artisan made green tea is from a naturalized assamica variety of tea plant that the farmers haven't fertilized or sprayed.  It was made later last spring and wasn't cut back - and so has such a gentle unique character.    

Half ounce bags, be sure to use pure spring water, medium TDS.  Can brew in high quality porcelain or Japanese ceramics.  Brewing around 3g/100ml for 1 min or so has been a good starting point.  You can brew this tea many times, increasing the temp as you like.

Taste and feel the purity of this precious, naturally farmed land.

hand picked in late Spring 2022

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