Located on the island of Hawai'i, the Yi-Xin (一心) studio is in the middle of nowhere and yet feels like is everywhere.  No East no West, just the vast potential of space all around where one can follow one's nose among the elements.

Logo & Name: Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Yi-Xin 一心 Combines the character Yi 一 which means "one, whole, single, entire" with the character Xin 心 which means "heart, mind, intention, core." Together they combine to evoke the sense of awareness that is sincere.
In our logo the Yi 一 is connected end-to-end forming a circle that encapsulates the vaporous image of Xin 心. Thus giving shape to the ephemeral heart, rays of smoke illuminating space.  This symbol gives form to the formless and reveals integration - of East and West, inheritance and creativity. The experience of fragrance, the cultural spirit, the harmonizing of ideas and ingredients, all going beyond abstraction to be directly felt - through the heart.
Xiang 香 is the character for "fragrance, aromatic, appetizing, and incense." Tang 堂 signifies a "hall, large room, or office." For our usage here together they refer to our "fragrant studio".
"Craft Incense" is defined by thoughtful, professional incense artistry that integrates head, heart, and hands.  Incense making is an ancient art form that requires a high standard of development in terms of sense awareness, spiritual acuity, and technical skills.  Our approach delivers a higher order as well as benchmark incense experience.