Starlight is where we look to navigate the oceanic possibilities and dissipate the darknesses of natural obstacles along the course.

Our vision is high-minded and noble in spirit - like elusively pure plumes of smoke rising to the heavens.  We know how powerfully moving fragrance is, and take responsibility for the potency.  From the depths to the heights of experience, these aromas are crafted, delivered harmoniously and symphonically - towards the un-limiting of beauty, benefit, and revelatory space for us all.

Our approach is to grow organically through the support of people who genuinely appreciate this classical craft come to life.  Most incense tends to be toxic and overpowering so we will educate and inspire a new more healthy incense culture in the years to come.

We are also innovating with other alchemical endeavors such as perfumery and custom distillations.  We look forward to a "golden age" of aromatic expression to share with you all.