Values & Motivations: Our Rhymes and Reasons

Generosity: Providing value that goes beyond things themselves.  An attitude of sharing and forward momentum.  We love to offer incense to various temples and organizations that share our values.  Please check out our incense here to support DRBU.

Charm: Our incenses offer a wonderful, delightful "charming" experience.  We are inspired by staying curious, and by drawing from the richness of nature through tapping into the pulse of seasonality - timely and timeless.

Respect: Born from the beauty of natural ingredients, our experiences with these scents inspires reverence.  Both for the ingredients and for people, but also for history and the contributions of our forebears. 

Space: We craft space through scent, to refresh and reveal.  Much of the space in our lives is often being sold digitally or given willingly. Incense burning can be a kind of making and holding spaciousness - a returning to our senses. This value honors the need for a healthy reset and taking time to just be - with ourselves or our families. To be with these scents that are windows into wonder, and mirrors for our mind-hearts.

Integration: Studying and working with the past brings light to the present.  Through honoring the profound contribution of East Asian incense culture to humanity, we offer the West a foundation to build upon.  We hold standards and deliver beautiful experiences.  All towards enriching humanity that stands on the shoulders of history while evolving into an unknown, yet fragrant future.