Yi-Xin Craft Incense

For the Buddha 供佛印香


2 Grams : Approx 20 min burn time

A very unique scent good for focus and concentration.  The scent spreads wonderfully in a larger size room and lingers with herbal undertones, this batch a bit sweeter and brighter.

"For the Buddha" is a modern rendition of a recipe 供佛印象 from the Tang Dynasty incense manual called 香乘.

Agarwood, spikenard, reiryokoh, patchouli, sandalwood, sweet grass, Angelica, and camphor are blended with skill to make this symphony of scent.

Our maker Ken spent quite a bit of time in undergraduate and graduate studies practicing classical Chinese translation.  Unearthing and bringing to life this ancient recipe was quite the joy and we are excited to share this unique incense with you.

供佛印香 : Translates as "Offering to Buddha Incense Stencil". There is a long history of time keeping and incense. This could have been used to make a formal offering of sorts in temples and would have been a powder placed into a stencil in ash.

We chose the name "For the Buddha" as a way to honor the historic Buddha, and his profound influence on humanity as well as our studio.  We find much inspiration and effective practices from those teachings (Dhamma), and see our project as complimentary.  The dispelling of afflictions and brightening lives towards greater freedom. 

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