Yi-Xin Craft Incense

Trees of Life


Scents of the West: South America Blended Series

Bold projection, rich & thick aroma that can easily fill a large space in layers.

I've been asked to make a Palo Santo incense more than a few times, so here is one blend I found to be striking the right balance of volume and peace - "Trees of Life" or Lignum Vitae is a blend of the well known and now classic scent of the new age, Palo Santo, and its neighbor in the forests, Verawood.  Both are often called Lignum Vitae for ease of use, but neither are the technical species for that name.  They are still such rich and unique scents, when processed and blended properly they sing in harmony as in this incense.  Usually Palo Santo is just too intense and overpowering, this scent will be a joy, as it is more refined and less intense.

2 grams per tube:  approx 20 mins burn time per stick 

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